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The better organization of your desk matters when you need to enhance the efficiency of your office and homework! If your desk accessories have been stored neatly and provide a comfort pick, then this will automatically speed up your daily work along with creating a beautiful look of your entire desk or table! So, if you are willing to see no more messy collections of things on your office desk, computer desk, or study table.

Then you should take a look at these 30 simple and modern DIY desk organizer ideas that have been made at home also beautiful and functional to win your heart! Here, most of these desk organizer ideas are made of recycled materials like tin cans, mason jars, scrapbooks, and wood. And all are cost-efficient, so everyone can just give them a try without any hesitation!

Grab a wire disk rack and just cover its surfaces with balsa wood to make a modern desk organizer with different levels of storage. It would be perfect for organizing the documentation. If you are a big fan of wooden organizers or wood texture, then make faux wooden organizers at home using cardboard boxes and white contact paper. So, get inspired by the given samples that have been given some geometrical patterns using white card stock papers!

DIY project perfect for back-to-school. The start of a new academic year is synonymous (in my mind anyway!) with new school supplies. Stocking up on the materials called for by each syllabi, pretty pens, pencils, and of course, every cute pouch and organizer, which makes perfect timing for this hexagonal DIY desktop organizer.

This modern desk organizer has tons of room for supplies and an angled opening that lends a sculptural element to any desktop! Besides, if you share my love for supplies, why not create a pretty way to keep your desk organized and the cute things on display all at the same time?

Need Materials

3 Hexagonal wooden cups
Mitre saw or hand saw
1/4″ wide patterning tape
White acrylic paint
Wood glue
Heavy card stock or chip board
Basic crafting materials: ruler, pencil, scissors & paint brush


Begin by drawing a diagonal line with a ruler on the side facets of each cup, towards the base. I chose to draw the diagonal at a 22.5 degree angle. Set your mitre saw to the angle drawn on the cups. In my case I set the saw to 22.5 degrees. Saw along the angled pencil line, cutting off the base of each cup.

Tape 1/4″ horizontal stripes around each cup with patterning tape. Start at the mouth of the cup and work your way down to the bottom. Press tape down firmly to prevent paint from seeping underneath. Do your best to line up the stripes from cup to cup. Paint the outside of the cup, the rim of the cup and as well as the inside with acrylic paint. Allow to dry and apply another coat.

Trace around the bottom of the angled cup onto the underside of the card stock. Repeat twice more. Cut out the 3 hexagons. These will serve as the bottom of the cups.

Turn cups upside down and attach the card stock hexagons to bottom of each cup with wood glue.

Then attach the 3 cups together, side-by-side with wood glue. Allow to dry and fill with your favourite supplies!