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Halloween Look Simple With This Cat Makeup.

There are one of two ways to go about your Halloween makeup look or you can wait until the very last second on the 31st to throw together a look. No matter which of these sounds more like you, we can all agree that there’s a classic idea for both planners and procrastinators: Halloween cat makeup that’s been popular since childhood. The Halloween cat look can be an artsy adaptation you spend two hours on, or it can be as simple as using three drugstore products in just four steps your call (we’re personally voting on the latter).

Using a makeup sponge, apply foundation that is several times lighter than skin to the nose, middle of the forehead, under the eyes, along the cheeks and down the chin. Use a different makeup sponge and apply dark orange-brown foundation to all the areas not covered by the light foundation. Use a third sponge and lightly blend where the two colors meet.

Line Cat Eyes

Use a black eyeliner pencil to fill in the brows. Add sharper angles over the middle of the eyes to create a dramatic peak With black eyeliner, heavily line the bottom lash line and extend the line out past the eye. Inside, extend the line a little down the inside of the nose. Line the top lash line and on the inside corner of the eye. Extend the top line to meet the bottom line. With the pencil, cover the eyelid, extending out beyond the eye. Blend the lines with a small, flat makeup brush to make them smooth.

Draw Cat Nose and Mouth

With a black eyeliner pencil, fill in just under the tip of the nose and on the inside edges of the nostrils. Then use the same liner to draw a line from the nose down to the lips. Fill in the point of the Cupid’s bow on the lips, then cover the top part of the upper lip with black. Extend the lip line out past the natural edge and curl up slightly. Avoid rubbing the lips together. Cover the inside of the bottom lip with nude lipstick.

Intensify the Eye

Apply a black shadow to the black areas for a more extreme cat eye. Use a white cream pencil and draw a small triangle just inside the black of the inner point. Using a large makeup brush, apply white shimmery eye shadow to the light highlights all around the face. Then, use black liquid eyeliner to accentuate the eyes by following the existing lines. Use the liner to dot on about five whisker spots above the lips on each side and draw three whiskers going out beside the nose.

Apply your boldest long-lasting matte red lip. Start by lining the lips with a lip pencil, like the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil in 714, and add a pigmented red lipstick over top. We love the Colour Riche Matte Lip color in Matte-ly In Love for this because it has a powdery finish and pops off of any skin-tone.

Finish the look by drawing on whiskers and outlining the tip of your nose with a black long-lasting pencil like the Pro-Last Liner in Black. The pencil also allows you to easily remove any mistaken lines or shading. Finally, to set the color, apply a black liquid liner, like the NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner over top and your cat makeup will be complete.