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I’m excited to announce that I am starting as an Expressions Vinyl ambassador! So, you can look forward to a few more awesome vinyl projects around here (like this and this and this). Because, guys, vinyl projects are awesome – they turn out great and are simple to make, which is basically the best combination.

We’ve been on a bit of a t-shirt making kick lately around my house. Heat transfer vinyl just makes it so easy to make whatever you want! My kids have asked for unicorns, owls, guitars, and we have made them all easy peasy. I like to have a little stash of heat transfer vinyl in the house so we can whip things up whenever we get a new idea. And the good news is that one of you could win your own little vinyl stash! Woot woot! Expressions Vinyl is giving away worth of vinyl to one lucky winner, so be sure to enter to win in the Rafflecopter at the end of this post.

Anyway, this month some of the Expressions Vinyl bloggers are making fruit-themed vinyl projects – right up my alley – so of course I had to jump in on the fun! I wanted to make a pineapple shirt, but I wanted it to have a more photo-realistic look with multiple colors.I am really happy about the way the design came out, and my daughter has already asked for her own shirt, so I think we will be putting it to use again soon. And I really want to try some different colors – I definitely see a pink pineapple in my future.


My Multi-Colored Pineapple Silhouette Cut File
T-shirt (I picked mine up at H&M)
Expressions Vinyl Heat Transfer Vinyl in four colors – I used yellow, brown, dark green, and green apple
Silhouette Cameo or Electronic Cutting Machine
Weeding Tool


This pineapple design is made with four different pieces of vinyl in four colors. The Silhouette file is separated into four different objects that together form the pineapple design. When you open the file, all the objects will be arranged to form the pineapple shape. Select them all and scale the pineapple to the size you want. Then, select just the object you want to cut first. In the cut settings menu, select cut for that object and no cut for the rest.

moved the piece I was cutting up to the top of the page to save on vinyl.) Load the appropriate color for that piece into the Silhouette, and make sure to cut the vinyl with the shiny side down.

Weed out the negative space using your weeding tool.

Repeat the process for each color.

You will end up with four pieces of vinyl all ready to be put together like a little pineapple puzzle.

I started with the yellow piece. Figure out the placement for the pineapple on your t-shirt, and place the yellow piece accordingly with the plastic sheet on top. Cover it with a piece of cotton fabric and press with your iron for 10-30 seconds. Peel up the plastic sheet and move on to the next piece.