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Black Rice Vegetable Sushi Rolls.

Frankly, I never obtained a desire for sushi until I was in my adolescents. I didn’t care for the fishy taste of the kelp and I particularly didn’t care for thought of crude fish, which I like even less at this point. Better believe it, you won’t locate any crude fish plans here on the blog yet fortunately you can in any case make some tasty assortments of sushi with simply some old fashioned vegetables.

In the past I’ve done a wide range of sushi with things like sweet potato or avocado yet today I needed to keep it extremely basic. With respect to the rice, I happened to have some cooked dark rice in my cooler and I’ve never had a go at adding to sushi so I contemplated time.

By and by, I truly appreciate dark rice over some other assortment. It tastes especially like darker rice however with the special reward of heaps of cancer prevention agents. I additionally simply love its vibe. When it’s cooked it gets this beautiful practically purple shading. So lovely.

Entertaining story, the last time I purchased dark rice the sack obviously had a little opening in it. At the point when a portion of the dry rice spilled on the wash room floor my family observed it and thought we had mice around on the grounds that the little pieces look excessively a lot of like vermin droppings. Haha, I had a decent chuckle when I educated them I was the nuisance to fault.

Anyway, I’m so anticipating Spring and I thing my hankering for new veggies is a gigantic manifestation of that. I trust you choose to attempt this mix or if nothing else let it motivate you to make some custom made sushi with all that you like.

Dark Rice Vegetable Sushi Rolls



1 cup uncooked dark rice

1/2 teaspoon Himalayan pink ocean salt

2 tablespoons sushi flavoring *see note

Or on the other hand

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon rice vinegar


1 huge carrot julienned

1 cup red chime pepper meagerly cut

1 medium zucchini julienned or cucumber in the event that you like

1 pack crisp radishes meagerly cut


8 sheets broiled nori sushi ocean growth

tamari soy sauce or coconut aminos for serving



Cook the rice as per bundle guidelines until still somewhat firm. (In the event that utilizing pre-cooked rice you may skirt this progression.) Add around 1 cup of water and the salt to the effectively cooked rice and spot over low warmth, secured. Mix at regular intervals until the water is assimilated and the rice is somewhat clingy. Expel from warmth and mix in the sushi flavouring (if utilizing) and permit it to cool totally before making sushi.


Spread a Sushi Mat out on your counter or work surface (You can likewise utilize a towel or a spot tangle.) Take 2 sheets of nori and lay them so they cover for around 2 inches. Wet your hands and spread around 1/2 cup of the rice onto the top sheet of nori. Slice and layer your veggies to frame a line from side to side.

Presently gradually fire moving up the end with the rice and applying pressure as you roll. Proceed until totally rolled. Utilize a sharp blade to cut through the nori and make sushi pieces.

Present with any of your preferred sushi sauces.